Ava Young began her artistic career by creating mixed media collages on acrylic. Paper, fabric, glass, metal, and all matter of “found items” were routinely incorporated into her collages, which could be found in galleries from Florida to the Oregon coast.

You may notice she used everything but paint. “Paint scared me”, Ava laughs. “I grew up being told I had no talent for it. So I just never tried until I grew up and stopped listening to the voices in my head. At least the ones that sounded like my mother.”

Once she started painting, “something out there” was quick to jump in and keep her going. Ava won her first award at the first competition she entered, just eighteen months after she started painting.

She now creates abstract paintings using acrylic paint and/or mixed media. Rock, mud, sand, and glass have all been incorporated into the majority of her paintings, giving her work a unique and recognizable style. Her palette is heavily influenced by the colors of the Southwest.

Born and raised in the fast-pace of Brooklyn NY she now resides in the kick-back desert of Tucson, AZ. When she isn’t painting she keeps busy trying to keep her greyhound/boxer mix from hunting and catching geckos.